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Asked Questions?

Here is some of Frequently asked questions that will we interesting about Granite Door Frames and Handicraft and Monuments.

What are the advantages of granite door frame?
  • Durability – More durable than the wooden frame as it is a hard stone.
  • No Polish Needed – As compared to wooden frame it needs polish after installation the does not need such things.
  • No Termite – In granite there will be no termite(DIMAK) but in wood there is such problem And there are many benefits over granite.
What makes handicrafts unique?
Many handcrafters use natural, even entirely indigenous, materials while others may prefer modern, non-traditional materials, and even upcycle industrial materials. The individual artisanship of a handcrafted item is the paramount criterion; those made by mass production or machines are not handicraft goods.
Is granite good for door frame?

Granite is a durable and long-lasting material, making it a popular choice for door frames. The fitting process for a granite door frame involves measuring and cutting the granite to size, then installing it in the doorway.

What is the best material to make a monument out of?
Throughout history, many materials have been used to make monuments and memorials – from wooden sculptures and dirt mounds to gold and other precious materials to rocks and various stones. Today, Marble, Granite and Bronze are the most commonly used materials.
What is the difference between handmade and handicraft?

Although there is no definite difference between handmade and handicraft, there is a slight difference in their usage. The term handmade can be used to describe a product made by assembling already manufactured products while handicrafts are typically made completely by hand or with the use of simple tools.

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